Yacht Rental Singapore: Incredible Boats For Charter In 2019

Boat shoes, fashionable sunglasses and the smell of the ocean make up the very image of luxurious fun in Singapore. While the yacht rental and luxury boating industry in Asia is still ever evolving, yacht rental Singapore is becoming more and more common. As the industry becomes even more popular, Singaporeans are building a stylish and dynamic boating culture.

Several trends are dominating the tastes of seasoned and new boating enthusiasts. As a luxury experience, top of the consideration is the latest cutting edge seafaring technology. But people also want more fuel-efficient design as part of the bigger eco-conscious trend.

Practical Builds for Chartered Yachts

More and more people who charter yachts out in Marina Bay are first-timers or seasonal boating enthusiasts. Yachts which are easy and comfortable to use have a clear edge over daunting heavyweights.

  • Ease of use

Stylish features and unique entertainment systems are great finds at any yacht, but they won’t matter without ease of use. A big trend in yachts is making these seafaring vehicles easier and more comfortable to operate.

The yacht rental industry in Asia is still developing, with Singapore leading the charge. With the young industry, boating education is very important. Making systems easier to understand is important in enjoying the rest of the stylish experience. The software used in sailing should be intuitive.

One of the biggest premieres in last April’s Singapore Yacht Show was the Fountaine-Pajot Alegria 67. The yacht’s innovative and ergonomic design fits right into the trend for more accessible fun.

While there’s always a degree of learning and protection involved, ease of use makes the sailing experience more attractive for new and future boating lovers.

  • Green technology

The big trend across the board is eco-conscious living. The growing lifestyle shift is the reason why green technology is so popular in different industries. It’s even being integrated in cruisers.

People are looking for zero-impact cruisers that help reduce the carbon footprint. Environmental and noise pollution are serious concerns for many responsible boating enthusiasts. The Silent 55 manufactured by the Austrian yacht maker Silent-Yachts is one smooth-sailing boat which fits the bill.

Yacht rentals which use electricity instead of fuel, reclaimed materials in different construction features, and ultimately integrate eco-friendly designs are great for style and also for the environment.

Another bonus from the green technology trend is it helps you navigate through unfavourable weather and travel conditions. Solar panels on the roof can serve as a generator. They can turn boating into a self-sustaining experience.

  • More efficient sailing

The latest generation of yachts are following the trend of being faster, smoother, and more efficient. High-performance is one of the more understated aspects of style when it comes to yachts. Straight bows, wide sterns, and powerful rigs build towards better performance.

Wider Yachts for Business and Pleasure

Design trends are speeding away from personal small yachts to spaces for entertainment. Along with the greater floor space, people are looking for the latest in sound and visual technology.   

  • Larger spaces

Superyachts are becoming more and more popular, along with other trends pointing to the desire for larger spaces. More new yachts are being released in the 50ft range. Personal relaxation only works if you have the space to unwind in the cockpit. Corporate parties could always use more buffet spaces, while bachelor’s parties need even bigger entertainment areas.

Many yacht lines are now coming out with larger yachts with more spaces for entertainment. For example, Benetti or Azimut yachts can easily fit several boating enthusiasts. These spaces help convert yachts from personal retreats to hosting spaces for parties and even corporate meetings.

With the right amenities and features, these superyachts can be used for different functions. The versatility of yacht rentals make them the perfect setting for Singapore’s most exciting nights. 

  • Corporate entertaining events

Corporate events such as meetings and social functions are moving from hotel ballrooms to more intimate yacht parties. Yacht rental Singapore is becoming a bigger part of the corporate industry in recent years. 

With the increasing demand for functional yet accommodating spaces, yachts are becoming bigger. Boats are designed with wider stern areas and midship sections. More floor space is dedicated to gathering areas for socializing. You can expect fewer sleeping cabins in exchange for more comfortable outdoor decks and entertaining spaces.

Personalized Yacht Charter Experiences

New generation yachts are taking the luxury experience one step further by offering more customisable experiences.

  • Bespoke interior features

Yacht rental is often compared to luxury villas and large hotel suites. They’re a place to experience the best that life has to offer: comfort, modern interiors, wide spaces, and custom features.

Local tastes can differ from the more traditional and muted trends dominating in the west. There’s a big demand for more integrated entertainment features, including custom wine cellars, karaoke lounges, space for water toys and submarines, drop-down projector screen, and helipads. Incorporating Feng Shui in the layout is also a rising trend.

Even wellness amenities are being incorporated in large yachts and superyachts. For the ultimate luxury experience, yachts have been designed with massage rooms and saunas, and also customized to include beauty salons. 

  • Exciting exteriors

The exterior space of a yacht also provides much of the appeal in the experience. People go out to yachts to party or relax because they want to feel the heat of the sun and the breeze from the sea.

Fortunately, exterior features can also be modified to suit your tastes, with added awnings or coverings for shade. Entertaining guests can flow more smoothly with interior features blending outdoors.

Smaller yachts can also create more space with foldout awnings and plunge pools. These appeal to the boaters’ sense of fun and adventure.

  • Fluid, free-flowing spaces

As yachts are designed to be well-oiled machines, traditional designs have put strict lines between functional and social spaces. Relaxing indoor spaces used to be cut off from the outdoors with blocky walls. 

Find the Best Yacht Rental Singapore Options

Nowadays, new yacht designs are using more structural glass to create the illusion of open space. Natural light easily flows from the exteriors to the interiors and back. The fluidity of the design opens up the space and makes it feel even wider and more comfortable.

Free-flowing spaces are also part of a larger design trend. Just as homes are becoming less strictly compartmentalized, yachts are also becoming more cohesive and creative.

Modern and sleek designs continue to be on-trend for yachts in the near future. However, eco-conscious design, wider spaces and custom functionality are set to dominate the design of this holiday home.

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