Curtains Singapore: Selecting The Best For Your Home & Office In 2019

Any home in Singapore will require curtains on the windows. It’s not just for aesthetic reasons, but it’s also for privacy, security, and protection from the extreme heat. Here are some facts to consider before and after shopping for curtains.

The weather in Singapore can be hot and humid all day long so putting drape curtains and blinds on the window is a practical way to cool down space. Ready-made curtains are conveniently available at leading home or department stores, but shopping for these items can be tricky since its size may not fit you need.

For instance, you’ll risk buying a ready-made curtain that’s longer or shorter for its intended window. This problem may be easily fixed by sending the curtains to the tailor, but you’d still go through all the trouble of having the curtains adjusted. Your windows might also have an air-conditioning unit that drape curtains and blinds may block. Thus, it might be more practical to go with a tailored option than ready-made curtains.

Consider Your Budget

Budget considerations may be the most important factor when shopping for curtains. Tailored drape curtains and blinds can be costly than ready-made types, but you’ll be sure to get first-rate products when you pay for premium.

If you’re unsure of your budget, check for prices first or ask for quotes from the best curtain makers in Singapore. Some top curtain suppliers may even offer an instalment option for your payments so you can appropriate your budget.

Ask for References from Friends or Family

It’s important to choose the right curtain company to service your needs so source leads and references from friends and family who have had the best experience with a curtains supplier or provider, regardless if they’ve bought curtains ready-made or tailored.

Also, look into feedback or reviews about the curtain company or store from their social media accounts so that you’ll have an idea of the kind of service they provide. Choosing curtains might not seem like a big deal but remember, this fixture will be up on your window for months or years. If you make a mistake, it will impact your home’s vibe and appearance, so it’s always better to get it right the first time.

Pick the Right Material

There are many types of curtains to satisfy different requirements, and the kind of material will determine the cost. There’s no shortage of curtain fabrics available in Singapore, especially when textile or fabric is one of the country’s principal exported products.

Since Singapore has two seasons only – a wet and a dry season – you’ll need to invest in two sets of curtains that will help cool your house in the summer and warm your place during the rainy season. But whether you’d rather have cloth curtains or blinds for your windows, you have to ensure that the material used for your windows is of outstanding quality.

The most common choices for cloth curtains include cotton, linen, polyester, and silk. Cotton curtains will provide a breezier atmosphere in the bedroom. Silk, on the other hand, is best for draping long and big windows in the living room because this material is heavy and solid.

Know the Sizes of Your Windows

The window sizes in your house are not uniform. Thus, you have to know the exact measurements of the windows in each of the rooms you’d like to have the curtains on. Distinguished curtain suppliers or store merchants will usually ask you for the size, whether you want something customised or ready-made so take measurements of the windows before you go shopping. Don’t forget to take into account the extra height and width as it’s better to have an allowance than end up with smaller and shorter curtains or blinds.

Don’t Forget the Curtain Installation Cost and Maintenance

Before buying any curtain, you also have to think about the installation cost and maintenance. You’ll need to drill curtain rods on your windows if these are not yet part of the house construction. But you’ll likely pay extra for more technically-advanced blinds installations.

As for the upkeep and maintenance, cloth curtains are easier to clean by washing. You may do this in your home or send the curtains to the cleaners for a thorough washing. Silk curtains will require dry cleaning only, so you really have to bring this to the professionals. Blinds, on the other hand, may also need more labour-intensive work, which you can DIY or hire professional champion cleaners.


Ultimately, shopping for curtains will come down to your personal preferences in colours, textures, prints, and designs. To help narrow down your choices, ask for brochures from the suppliers, so you’ll have an idea of their available selections.

Drape curtains or blinds with good designs, or made of the best materials, or installed well can make a huge difference in your house. Thus, it’s important to take time in choosing the right one for your home.