Singapore is best known as one of the world’s leading destinations in business development. According to World Bank, it is one the most business-friendly regulatory environments for entrepreneurs in the world. Singapore is also ranked as one of the world’s most competitive economies, and is Asia’s most entrepreneurial economy.

These optimistic economic signs are positively connected with the quality of businesses and start-ups in Singapore. As a country brimming with potential when it comes to new innovations, it is but proper to only provide the best products and services to consumers all around the country. Consumers like you can rest assured that whatever you require from the start-ups and businesses in Singapore, you would be getting your money’s worth.

Singapore: A Hub for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

Singapore has a wide range of businesses across various industries. No matter what products or services you may be looking for, you will surely find what you seek in this country. With over 190,000 local SMEs, these companies make up about 99% of all enterprises in the country. It brings almost half of the country’s gross domestic product (47%), making them one of the most dominant economic forces in the country.

As SMEs continue to serve as the building blocks to Singapore’s economic success, the Singaporean government remains steadfast in its support for long-standing and burgeoning businesses alike. Some businesses that thrive in Singapore include:

Home Renovation, Construction and Carpentry

Constructing homes, buildings, and other structures for property owners is one of Singapore’s growing business sectors. From seeking out the best materials, making sure that the structural integrity is intact, and designing the most aesthetically-pleasing buildings, you can be sure that your Singapore-based construction company will give you the service you deserve.

Carpentry is a skilled trade working primarily with the cutting, shaping, and installation of materials, in buildings, bridges and ships, among others.

A cabinet is a piece of furniture used to store miscellaneous items, from clothes, jewelry, to medicine. This industry is often referred to as cabinetry.

A carpet is a textile floor covering that usually has an upper layer of pile attached to a backing made from a separate material. Mostly made of wool or silk.

Do you need some wood work done inside your home? If you are searching for top companies offering carpentry and cabinet and carpet work, then look no further! We list down some of the most reliable carpentry, cabinets and carpet businesses in Singapore. 

Think innovation, quality, and precision. Our highly recommended list of Singapore businesses in the fields of carpentry, cabinet-making, and carpet-making is all you need.

If you are looking for the best Singapore flooring companies, check out our list! These SG flooring businesses are tried and tested and offer a wide range of selection for you to choose from. 

False ceilings offer a neat and inexpensive way to cover up loose and unsightly wiring and other mechanical effects. 

Flooring provides an easy-to-clean and stylish aesthetic to put over your old and worn floors. Common materials include hardwood, tiles, laminate, and vinyl.

This form of construction involves the creation of an artificial ceiling usually held by plaster, to conceal electrical or mechanical parts like wiring or vent ducts.

Awnings are secondary coverings attached to a building’s exterior wall, usually made from canvas, cotton, polyester, or vinyl. They are installed to protect against weather.

Wallpapers are used to cover the interior walls of various properties. They serve the dual purpose of being a wall covering and a decorative fixture.

Blinds are window coverings that have various functions, from blocking light, providing insulation, to serving as a fixture for room design.

A partition wall is used to divide one room into two or more portions. They are made from glass, vinyl, bricks, or wood. Experienced professionals are required.

Beautifying your home can be one of the most time consuming projects you could be taking on. To help you in your quest, here’s some advice when looking for painting services.

Looking for manufacturers of the best quality curtains and partition walls? Your search ends here! Our contacts’ list of Singapore curtains companies and partition walls provider offers a great selection of stores.

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Curtains are used to block light, insulate rooms, and serve as decorative fixtures in a property. These are usually made from cotton, silk, and velvet.

Your home is your heaven on Earth, and you’d want to step into your heaven with as much of  a feeling of peace, serenity and bliss. Interior design needs to be done according to your taste, and we deliver just that.

Both residential and commercial properties benefit immensely from great lighting architecture. Technology has now advanced to the point where brightness and colour can be controlled from a phone.

Gone are the days where the sole yellow bulb, emitting warm hues of Sunray like light, are the only source of lighting. Today there are so many options available, you can now achieve any form of creatively thought up LED lighting architecture your heart desires.

Interior design has come a long way from its early days, today you can easily manifest your vision for your home with computer graphics and an almost encyclopedic amount of examples of beautiful homes at your finger tips on the internet.

Legal Advice With Top Attorneys

Singapore is known for it’s highly efficient courts system. It metes out justice like clock work. For the every-man, Singapore is also a hub for lawyers, our pool of highly trained, qualified and competent lawyers are highly in demand around the region. You can begin your search for attorneys here:


You’re going to find that Singapore hosts one of the most competent and well connected group of internationally versed legal experts you’ll find.


Legal separation is a sensitive subject. Whilst it is always favourable to work out situtaions amicably, legal counsel is always available, if parties cannot arrive to a mutual decision.

Health and General Wellness

With the increase in demand, various beauty and wellness spas have been cropping up in Singapore. These spas deal with facials, skin exfoliation, steaming, and extraction, in addition to other dermatological services.

A spa is a place that boost a person’s overall well-being using various professional services, encouraging the renewal of mind, body, and spirit.

Alkaline water helps bodies expel toxins and metabolize nutrients more efficiently. Studies show that his water product boosts your health and wellness.

Singapore may have safe drinking water but alkaline water definitely offers a healthier option. A list of alkaline water businesses SG are available here to help you easily locate stores most convenient for you.

Digital Marketing

There’s no turning back the clock. Life as we know it is intricately intertwined with all things internet. 

The business world is no different. Almost all advertising and marketing channels are locked and loaded on the internet.

Since the 1990’s the irreversible change from offline to online has spread from America to China. Singapore is no different, and if you’re one of the many millions of companies that need help in transitioning to the online world, and make lots of sales while doing so, look no further: 

It’s not always about being “clever”, “funny” or “thought-provoking”. Most companies would settle for an increase in business by 30%, 50% or 100%. The way to do that is with persuasive ad copywriting.

Getting ranked on Google is essential for the survival of most companies in Singapore. And if this is one of your goals, then all you have to do to one-up your competition is…

A website is necessary in today’s world, it helps you in having complete control over your business. A website makes the difference between a company which is struggling and a company which is an industry leader.

General and Maintenance Services

There is a huge number of repairs and maintenance business in Singapore, depending on the issue you want to fix. From air con services and maintenance, plumbing assistance, to handyman services, you will surely find a person capable of securing what you want fixed in Singapore.

Looking for an expert to attend to your plumbing or electrical needs? We have gathered a list of contractors offering plumbing services and handyman services in Singapore. Check it out today and find the ideal serviceman based on your needs, budget, and location. 

In search for air conditioning services in Singapore? Check out our list of trusted and highly recommended aircon service centres and aircon service providers all over the country. They are dependable, experienced, and guaranteed professional.

Aircon servicing is the process of repairing, maintaining, and upgrading air-conditioning units. This is done in order to ensure the machine’s durability and efficiency.

Plumbing is a system dealing with fluids across a wide range of applications. Plumbers install, repair, and maintain pipes, valves, and tanks, among others.

A handyman is a person skilled in multiple fields of home repairs. They usually do maintenance and repairs on all issues, from plumbing to electrical work.

Looking for real estate agents? If you are looking for condos for sale, contact a real estate agent from our list of trusted condo sales agents and find the ideal condo you are looking for!

Still deciding where to send your toddler next school year? It’s a bit hard to decide but why not start with our list of preschools and educational centres? We’re just excited to show connect you to them.

A condo is a type of real estate divided into separately-owned units, with common areas and amenities accessible to all unit owners.

A preschool is an educational institution or learning space providing early childhood education before children begin their formal education.

Yachts come in various sizes and are available for all types of occasions: Weddings, Corporate events, Birthdays, Parties of any kind can now be hosted on a luxurious yacht. You can even sail your privately chartered yacht to an island nearby to enjoy the sun, sea and soft sandy beach sands with  your group of friends.

Pest control companies are in demand but it’s a bit hard to find the right company for your needs. Don’t worry, we got you covered. Here’s a list of Singapore pest control companies that are verified and guaranteed to offer professional and cost effective services. More home improvement products? 

If you’re searching for wallpaper companies SG, our list can be your best starting point. These companies offer a creative mind and an eye for excellent materials.

Pest control companies manage and exterminate pests which adversely affect human activities. Services include physical removal by organic or chemical means.

It used to be that only the rich and famous could afford to live it up on James Bond styled yachts. Today, things are different, anyone can afford a luxury outing or event on board a fancifully decked out yacht.

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